The octopus from Morocco’s fishing zones, normally lives near the coasts, it is fished from less than 15 meters and feeds mainly of clams and crustaceans, it is this diet that provides it the unique flavor of its meat.
The octopus arrives alive in cold rooms, where it is frozen as quickly as possible so that it does not lose any of its excellent properties. We offer ten different sizes of Octopus (from T1 to T8). Animal life is about one year, T1 is the oldest octopus. The octopus of Dakhla is listed as the best world production both for its quality and its tonnes of catch.


  • Block freezing
  • Individual quick freezing (IQF)
  • Fishing area FAO 34
  • 18 months shelf life at -18 °C
  • Net weight : 12-20 kg


  •  Flower 
  • Block


         Grade              kg              
T1                  >4
   T2                >3-4
    T3                >2-3
        T4                >1.5-2
            T5                >1.2-1.5
            T6                >0.8-1.2
            T7                >0.5-0.8
             T8                >0.3-0.5

cardboard box


1*FLC (28 tons)