The horse mackerel is part of the family of blue fish, it looks like mackerel, its body is just as slender and spindle-shaped. Its caudal peduncle – the posterior part of its body – is very thin. Its back is quite dark, ranging in color from gray to greenish, and its silvery-white sides are crossed by a bristling line of prickles. It has large eyes and a prominent jaw. Some specimens measure from 45 cm up to 60 cm.
Horse mackerel is a good source of protein with high biological value which also contains significant amounts of vitamins and minerals. Horse mackerel is a fatty fish. This fat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids; it helps lower cholesterol levels and triglycerides which at the same time collaborate to reduce the risk of heart and blood vessel disease.


  • Block and individual freezing
  • Moroccan origin
  • FAO 34 fishing area 
  • Storage for 18 months
  • Net weight 20.22.24 kg


  • WR


                             1/3 pcs par kg
                             4/6 pcs par kg
                             7/10 pcs par kg
                             10/15 pcs par kg

Cardboard box


1*FLC (28 tons)