Atlantic mackerel is a delicious fish very popular for its flesh, This fatty fish has many nutritional properties, It is rich in protein of excellent quality, It also provides vitamins of group B (including vitamin B12) and vitamins D. rich in omega-3, fatty acids, Its flesh offers very high concentrations of minerals and trace elements: phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, iron, iodine and zinc.

  • Block freezing
  • Individual freezing
  • Origin Morroco
  • Fishing area FAO 34
  • 18 months shelf life at -18 °C
  • Net weight : 10,20,22,24 kg 

  • WR
  • H/G
  • Fillet


              WR              1/3 pcs par kg
                      4/6 pcs par kg
                 6/10 pcs kg
                         8/12 pcs par kg 
H/G             6/8 pcs par kg
                         9/12 pcs par kg
Fillet            100-200 kg     


cardboard box


1* FCL (28 tons)